Bridging the gap between audio sources & enterprise analytics

Single Application

Manage your call center with a single application. Store, analyze, and track your calls with recording and analysis.

Monitor Agent Performance

Monitor agent performance with metrics that matter to you. Using speech recognition you can monitor what your agents are saying.

The First AI Analysis Tool

The first artificially intelligent analysis tool built for call centers. Insight brings self-learning to speech analytics.

Gather precious insight on your customers’ experience and agent interactions through Atmos Analytics.

Atmos offers organizations a wide array of information, derived from call data, user performance and content driven data. Atmos QA, combined with Speech Analytics technology, provides a complete understanding of not only how your employees communicate with your customers, but also how your customers view communications with your organization.

Take Analytics for a test drive

Target specific list of conversations

By using Atmos QA, management can target a specific list of conversations to review based on definable criteria and understand how well customer facing employees interact with your customers. Using our Speech Analytics option, supervisors can dissect recordings for content, sentiment and changes over the life of the call.

Provide accountability and compliance

Combining Atmos QA and Speech Analytics empowers you to provide accountability and compliance for your customers, as well as invaluable knowledge for you and your support staff. Convert call audio from a pile of unruly data into a vital resource you’ll use to preempt negative trends and institute quality measures.